The First Alpha!

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The First Alpha!

Post by Admin on Mon May 11, 2015 6:41 pm

Alpha ver. 1!

Hey Guys, I would like to let you know that its been a wild couple months working on getting the mod to Minecraft version 1.8, but its finally time. I'm proud to announce that the mod is ready to release an Alpha version to get the attention of you guys, the players, and hopefully a couple experienced java developers to help the mod get going even faster. You can get the mod by heading over to the Release section of the forums.

The mod currently has the following:
     -Fallen Angel
     -Slender Piercer
     -Wind Slayer
     -Dark Repulser
     -Snow Crusher
     -Demonic Sword Gram
-Ores [WIP]
     -Red Flames Ore
     -Stream Ore
     -White Grey Ore
     -Kongo Ore
     -Crust Ore
     -Sharp Edge Ore
     -Windy Flower Ore


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